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Bookstore successes for books inspired by the Minecraft universe

In May 2020, Minecraft became the best-selling video game in video game history (200 million copies!). Created in 2009 by an independent Swedish developer, Markus Persson alias “Notch”, before being acquired in 2014 by Microsoft, this online game brings together a community of over 500 million players around the world.

The latter are constantly inventing new “scripted maps” (understand play spaces) accessible to all, renewing interest in the license with cubic graphics.

Magic and humor

An early fan of this virtual lego with unlimited possibilities, a young Montpellier resident had, at the age of sixteen, the idea of ​​filming himself playing: the adventures of his avatar, Frigiel, flanked by his little one Fluffy dog, quickly found their audience on YouTube.

Ten years after the creation of his channel, he has produced more than 3,400 videos and has more than two million subscribers but also thousands of readers. Because, for the past five years, he has also co-authored a whole galaxy of novels (620,000 copies), comics (500,000 copies), diaries and guides.

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We find his flagship duo and their traveling companions there, exploring often hostile regions, trying to protect peaceful villagers from a host of monsters (dragons, skeletons, zombies…). To the medieval universe of Minecraft, of which it gradually integrates new features (places, weapons, creatures …), Frigiel adds a good dose of magic and a touch of humor, which hit the mark with 9-13 year olds . “It is a gateway for children reluctant to read, reassured to find a known universe”, notes the editor Manon Sautereau.

Our opinion

Mixture of fights, discoveries of imaginary worlds and celebration of the virtues of courage and friendship, the quests of Frigiel and Fluffy hardly depart from the beaten track of “heroic fantasy” but the style of the novels, co-written with real authors (Nicolas Digard and Olivier Gay), is neat, which is far from always the case of books inspired by a license.

Among the plethora of books from Minecraft, let us also quote the series of two Americans, the “Chronicles of the wooden sword” of Nick Eliopoulos, which propel five college students in the game in survival mode, and the “Diary of a Noob »By Cube Kid, who puts more on the comic vein with his anti-hero Minus, the villager who dreams of being a warrior. Pure entertainment, accessible even to beginners.

“Frigiel et Fluffy”, 12 books published by Slalom. To be published in February: “L’orbe de domination”, 320 p., € 12.90. And eleven comics published by Soleil.

“Journal d’un Noob”, 6 volumes published by Éditions 404, € 11.95.

” Minecraft. Chronicles of the wooden sword ”, 4 volumes at Gallimard jeunesse, 160 p., € 8.90


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