Bolloré: on the occasion of the bicentenary of the group, the patriarch leaves the hand



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Exactly two hundred years after the creation of the family group, Vincent Bolloré, the thinking head who gave him another dimension to his businesses in recent decades, is bowing out. At least in appearance.

He promised it and he did it. Anyway in theory. Thursday February 17, 2022, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Bolloré group, its controversial boss Vincent Bolloré announced his retirement. The opportunity for Vincent Beaufils to come back to the rise of this boss who is not ordinary in the business world where he evolves: He is totally traditional bosses and entrepreneurs. He is able to move from one sector to another“, recalls the author of Bolloré, the man who worries.

Thanks to more than 20 billion in annual turnover, the company can boast of being part of the world’s top 500. But will Vincent Bolloré really leave the reins of the Bolloré group? Officially yes, and his children will share the inheritance that they will have to grow. In the background, the takeover of press groups by Vincent Bolloré continues to cause concern. And even if it is his children who rule, the eye of the patriarch will continue to hover over the group. “I need my father as a shareholder to continue making the right decisions“, had also declared Yannick Bolloré, one of his sons.


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