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Boarding schools are gaining ground in rural areas

Not so long ago, in some quarters, boarding was seen as a last resort solution for recalcitrant children. Until the end of the 2000s, the boarding school attracted little. “Except for targeted lessons, when a student chooses to follow a rare training course in a vocational school far from home”, nuance Benoît Skouratko, project manager at the general secretariat of Catholic education.

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Clément, 25, originally from Bordeaux, followed the “bac pro photography” course at the Lycée d’Orthez (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) 230 kilometers from his home. A three-year experience, aged 15 to 18, of which he keeps fond memories, both academically and socially.

A space to focus on your studies

In rural areas, boarding is often a recourse when it comes to joining a high school far from home. However, this hosting solution comes up against brakes. “In addition to the financial impact for some families, many young people show little inclination to move away”, notes Lydia Deyrem, Secretary General of the Association of Psychologists and Psychology in National Education, in the Normandy Academy.

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Another obstacle, she points out, is the closure of boarding schools on weekends, which sometimes makes life difficult for families. However, young people are generally happy to find a space there where they can concentrate on their studies, make friends, work together, share activities.

Family motive

Over the past ten years, the boarding school has experienced a certain revival, supported by a public policy that encourages its development and revitalization based on innovative educational projects. “Becoming an intern is the choice of the student in consultation with his family and the educational teams” specifies Benoît Skouratko. Among the various motivations, in addition to the geographical location of a course, there may be a family reason.

It happens that a resumption of schooling is considered in a boarding school, close enough to the home, to mark a cut. In the Paris region, Eva, 17, decided to do her final year at a boarding school 20 minutes from home.

“Never being alone weighs on me sometimes. But I got back into the habit of sitting down to work. This allows me to get good grades and increase my chances of entering higher education. With my parents, relations are much better, schooling is no longer a point of tension. “


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