BNP Paribas: unions call for strike

Posted on Oct 7, 2020 at 1:42 PMUpdated Oct 7, 2020, 2:49 PM

The social calendar begins to load in the bank. Two strike calls have just been launched respectively at BNP Paribas and at the Caisse d’Epargne Île-de-France, also sued by the CGT on the subject of professional equality between women and men.

On the side of the rue d’Antin bank, the intersyndicale – bringing together elected CFDT, FO, CGT, CFTC and SNB / CFE-CGC – called on Wednesday ” all employees of the SA “To strike on October 13, the” terms of participation »Not yet specified. The “SA” is a perimeter comprising the head office and the retail bank in France, constituting a little more than 42,000 employees out of the nearly 200,000 employees of the group worldwide.

Working hours

Reason for this call to strike: the “timetable project”. It is a question of adapting the extent of openness of agencies to their actual use. From February, the inter-union was concerned and called for an expertise.

This reorganization consists in general in classifying the agencies and platforms into three main categories, according to the attractiveness of the geographical area and the attendance observed, leading to determine the hourly amplitude in the week, and the schedules in a day. , some agencies lowering the curtain later in the evening.

In keeping with BNP Paribas’ culture of social dialogue, the social process on the project to change the opening hours of branches and retail banking platforms in France is currently continuing, favoring discussions with representatives of the staff and trade unions », Reacted the group.

The subject worries the social partners, in particular because it will be accompanied, for some, by a reduction in the number of days of RTT, their number being mechanically linked to the number of hours worked each week.

Conversely, those for whom the opening hours do not decrease keep their RTT. All in all, a whole field of discussion has opened up.

Salary negotiations in progress

The concerns raised by the unions are numerous: “ questioning of the fixed price for executives, loss of RTT without financial compensation, problems of childcare, transport, telework not integrated into the project … “. If the unions recognize ” some progress in certain regions “, They still consider them” very insufficient “.

This heat stroke comes as management and unions are currently conducting their mandatory annual wage negotiations (NAO). A second round of discussion took place on Tuesday, and a third meeting has yet to be set at a date to be determined.

The management proposed in particular a 400 euro bonus “Macron” for people whose total gross compensation is less than 55.419 euros and a classic bonus of 250 euros for those earning between 55.419 and 70,000 euros.

A result judged ” below expectations “By the CFDT which points” zero euro general and lasting increase “, Even” insufficient In the eyes of the SNB / CFE-CGC. In 2018, the failure of the NAO sparked a strike movement.

Caisse d’Epargne Île-de-France sued

The subject of salaries is also a concern for the Caisse d’Epargne Île-de-France, but from the point of view of equality between women and men. A call to strike was launched on Wednesday by the CGT. The union, a minority in the company, denounces discrimination against women, who earn on average, according to the CGT, 18% less than men in the establishment.

A group action was launched in June 2019. It must result this Wednesday in a legal summons of the bank before the Paris tribunal de grande instance, the CGT considering that it has not obtained answers to its questions.

When questioned, management disputes the union’s accusations. ” With identical classification and job, women and men receive the same salary with an average difference of less than 1% », Assures François de Laportalière, member of the management board in charge of the resources division. And reminds that there are as many women executives as men, even if the top 100 managers are still 60% male. Both parties will have the opportunity to defend their arguments in court.

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