Bloomberg stops working in Russia and Belarus

Bloomberg LP, the parent company of financial news agency Bloomberg, has suspended operations in Russia and Belarus due to the war in Ukraine.

Customers in Russia and Belarus cannot access any of Bloomberg’s financial products, including the Bloomberg Terminal computer system, data licenses, data flows, and electronic trading platforms.

Trading functionality with some Russian securities is also disabled to comply with international sanctions. Russian stocks were removed from Bloomberg’s Global Equity index on March 9, while Russian bonds were removed from the fixed-income index.

However, the website is not affected.

After Russia conducted a special military campaign in Ukraine, many countries imposed sanctions on Russia and Belarus, causing a wave of businesses to withdraw from the market. Large corporations such as Apple, McDonald’s, and PayPal have all temporarily suspended operations here.

On March 4, Bloomberg announced that its journalists would stop working in Russia. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation has committed $40 million to the International Relief Council and the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen to provide assistance and free meals to Ukrainians and refugees in the area. area. Bloomberg also used legal resources and supply chains to be more supportive.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)

Visa, MasterCard stopped working in Russia because of the Ukraine war

Visa, MasterCard stopped working in Russia because of the Ukraine war

Two global financial institutions Visa and Mastercard said they are suspending all transactions and payments in Russia due to the hostilities in Ukraine.


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