Blocked from the global Internet, Russia falls into digital isolation

Russia officially fell into the Internet crisis when it was restricted by technology corporations around the world with digital barriers.

Up to this point, Russia is the country that is receiving the heaviest criticism from technology corporations around the world.

A series of “big men” have stopped some or all of their services in this country to protest against the military operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine.

TikTok and Netflix have suspended their services in Russia. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and others also partially or completely withdrew from the country. Even online video games like Minecraft no longer operate here. In addition, Russia actively blocked the social network Facebook.

Currently, Russian telecommunications companies no longer have access to new equipment and services from companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Cisco.

Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company, warned that it could default because of the crisis. Not only are entertainment services blocked, Russia has been largely cut off from the world’s SWIFT financial system. Even the Russian .ru domain name is subject to close scrutiny from Ukrainian officials.

“The entire IT, hardware and software market on which Russia relies is severely damaged,” said Aliaksandr Herasmenka, a researcher at the University of Oxford’s democracy and technology program.

The above actions have turned Russia into a digital country independent of the rest of the world like China. On the Russian side, this country also owns the social networking platform Vkontakte or VK. The platform has a way of operating, similar to Facebook. However, because of some previous problems, VK was banned in many countries.

In China, domestic Internet companies have grown into giants for more than a decade like Weibo or Baidu. Russia, by contrast, does not have such a vibrant domestic internet or technology industry. If hostilities continue, Russia may have to build a completely new Internet system, independent of Western countries.

Thai Hoang(According to NYT)

The war between Russia and Ukraine: When cyberspace becomes a battleground without gunfire

The war between Russia and Ukraine: When cyberspace becomes a battleground without gunfire

Cyberattacks, although without gunfire, still possess a high level of “damage” on a large scale in the Russia-Ukraine war.


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