Blindness after an overnight injection of nasal lift filler

The girl said that while she was injected with filler by her best friend, a spa staff, she felt dizzy, had a headache, blurred on her left eye, her whole body was hot and cold. The friend contacted the staff of another spa salon for instructions to buy the antidote for the injection. The condition did not improve, so Lan was admitted to the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital.

“The patient is in pain and panic. The left eye can no longer see anything, only the light and dark can be distinguished, the left eyelid is fully collapsed, the eyeball motor is completely paralyzed”, Associate Professor Nguyen Hoang Ha, Truong Department of Plastic and Plastic Surgery, said January 27th afternoon.

Imaging shows that the patient has blocked most branches of the artery serving the eye, including the central branch of the retina. Doctor Le Thanh Dung, Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department, Huu Nghi Viet Duc Hospital, said that the patient was directly infused with filler lysates into the artery, then continued treatment with fibrinolytics to prevention of embolism complications caused by thrombosis, the intervention time lasted 6 hours.

“Immediately after the treatment, the patient’s vision improved, checking the central retinal artery blood vessels that were reconnected. This is a very significant sign, prognosis of the degree of vision recovery for the patient” Dr. Dung said.

Doctor examines the patient’s eyes, January 27 noon. Image: Thai Ha.

After more than 6 hours of emergency, the patient’s condition gradually stabilized. The vasodilators return, the markers of muscle and skin necrosis are reduced, the paralysis signs also partially improve. Vision improved but not much, from only distinguishing light and dark to blurred palms. The patient is being closely monitored.

Ocular occlusion is a very serious and devastating complication after filler injection. In addition to the risk of blindness, loss of vision, embolism also threatens to block the artery of the brain, which can endanger your life, or block the arteries that feed the skin, the nerve muscles around the orbit leading to total orbit necrosis. the eyeball must be removed.


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