Blinded twice because of the wrong place

For the first time in Vietnam, doctors saved the eyes of a blind patient from filler injections, especially this patient lost his vision twice.

Only three minutes after injecting the filler into her nose, Phuong felt a sharp pain in her mind, dizziness, and dark eyes. The 27-year-old girl, from Bac Giang, is an office worker in Thai Nguyen. On October 1, she was being treated at the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, Hanoi, and recounted her accident.

Through friends, she knew that a small spa near Thai Nguyen Pedagogical University was offering a discount on nasal filler injections, for only 1 million VND. There were 2 friends of Phuong who got an injection and succeeded. So, Phuong and her friends went to inject filler on the evening of September 16.

“I know that injections of fillers can only be injected at the hospital, but because of subjectivity, the hamster is cheap so I still go. Spa advertises the normal price of 2-3 million per injection, but when the discount is only 1 million VND “, Phuong said.

As soon as the needle poked her nose, Phuong felt a throbbing pain, watery eyes, and a runny nose. Spa staff reassured but did not stop the procedure. Tears kept flowing, making Phuong rubbing her hand with her hand, and found she could not see. She asked to go to the hospital, go to the emergency room at Thai Nguyen Central General Hospital and then transfer to the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital in the night.

At that time, Phuong panicked, the skin on her forehead and nose began to darken, colder than other areas on her face. Right eye has collapsed eyelids, eyeball muscle movement disorder, no longer can sense light.

Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Head of Plastic and Plastic Surgery Department, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that the female patient suffered from serious complications from filler injection, vision loss and acute anemia of the forehead, nose, orbit. .

The patient’s condition was severe, requiring a very urgent emergency, inviting all relevant specialists in the hospital and specialists from the Central Eye Hospital. The doctor injected the antidote directly into the area where the filler was injected and the skin about to be necrotic, injected into the back of the eyeball, struggled to control the machine to inject correctly into the eye artery deep in the brain. It took more than 2 hours, the patient’s vision showed signs of recovery. From the point of only seeing black, the patient can see and distinguish between doctors, counting fingers 60-70cm away from the eye.

But 12 hours later, Phuong was blind again. For the first time doctors encountered this condition. They met urgently, proposed a plan to use antidote to filler and fibrinolytics to save the eyes of the patient once again. Two more hours of active treatment intervention, her right eye saw again, at this time the doctors and doctors sighed with relief.

14 days after the accident, Phuong’s health was more stable, the aching muscles in the eyes and eyes decreased, the skin of the eyes and nose recovered, there was no sign of necrosis. Right eye improved than before, can count fingers, distinguish objects at a distance of 50-60cm. However, female patients still need constant monitoring and use of blood-diluting drugs in the future.

The doctor examined the female patient on October 1 at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital. Image: Chile.

In Vietnam, this is the first time doctors perform ocular occlusion up to 2 times to restore vision for patients. Previously, cases of blindness caused by injection of fillers were irreversible.

“The patient can retain a portion of vision, not be permanently blind, the result is more than expected”, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, Department of Eye Trauma, Central Eye Hospital, said.

According to Dr. Ha, a stroke occurs when the person injecting filler is not specially trained, has no knowledge of aesthetic shaping, so the risk of injecting into the vascular branches around the eye socket is high. Vascular fillers enter the brain, can cause cerebral embolism leading to stroke or ocular occlusion resulting in blindness and facial deformation necrosis. The golden time to emergency patients is only 60-90 minutes.

The number of very serious complications such as blindness after injecting filler in Vietnam is not accurate statistics. In the world, the rate of blindness complications ranged from 3-9 cases in 10,000 injections in 2018. Up to now, the number of partially recovered vision after complications has only under 10 cases, the number of embolism must clear two times and still partially recover eyesight, only about 2-3 cases.

* Patient name is changed.



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