Blade Runner 2099: the continuation of the saga is available in series on Amazon Prime Video

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Denis Villeneuve’s suite, blade runner 2049. Everett Collection/Bridgeman Images

After six months of development, the platform has ordered a miniseries, the plot of which will take place 50 years after Denis Villeneuve’s part. Maestro Ridley Scott and Michael Green will oversee this sequel as executive producers.

The Replicants will be reborn once again. Forty after the release of Ridley Scott’s science fiction classic based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, Amazon Prime Video confirms its miniseries project around the franchise. After six months of development, the platform has ordered a miniseries. Title Blade Runner 2099it will take place fifty years after the first sequel to the saga that Denis Villeneuve had signed for the cinema in 2017. The sequel brought together Ryan Golsling, Harrison Ford and Ana de Armas.

Amazon Prime Video has not yet revealed any information on the plot, cast, filming date or the possibility of recrossing descendants of Denis Villeneuve’s characters. The story of blade runner 2049 was itself set forty years after the original adventures of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the titular “blade runner”. In other words, a policeman in charge of tracking down replicantsandroids created in the image of man.

Ridley Scott, Executive Producer

The name of the showrunner is known. Screenwriter Silka Luisa will be at the helm. His transposition of the novel The Luminous had impressed. Released in the spring, the Apple TV + series, with Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura, told the wanderings of a serial killer capable of time travel. The soap opera skilfully blends thriller and fantasy. Maestro Ridley Scott and Michael Green, scribe of blade runner 2049will oversee this sequel as executive producers.

With this new jewel in its SF crown, Amazon completes its blockbuster offering. The platform did not look at the expense as for the adaptation of The wheel of time or for The Rings of Power. This return to Middle-earth, inspired by the writings of Tolkien, has become the most expensive series of all time. The eight episodes, shot in natural settings in New Zealand, cost $450 million. Not to mention the 250 million spent to acquire the rights.


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