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Birth rate below warning line in China, population may decline

Beijing: China has the largest population in the world. A child policy was in place in China for years. However, now in China, the country’s population may start declining soon. Demographic experts have also warned about this. At the same time, there has been an appeal to rethink the population control policy in China.

China’s civil affairs minister Li Jiheng has said that the country’s total birth rate has gone below the warning line and demographers have warned that the country’s population may start declining soon. In fact, the policy of one child in China for decades was abolished in the year 2016 and permission was given to give birth to another child. China is facing a demographic crisis due to the increasing population of elderly people.

Appeal to rethink policy

Demographic experts have appealed to the government to reconsider the limited population control policy. At the same time, he has also requested the government to take a more tolerant attitude towards producing children without marriage and to make the expenditure on their upbringing and education more affordable.

Population growth rate at critical juncture

According to the government-run ‘Global Times’ news, Li said in an article that due to the influence of various factors, Chinese people are showing less interest in having children. The overall birth rate has gone below the warning line and the population growth rate has reached a turning point.

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