Biologists go back on “renewable strike” from December 1

Posted Nov 25, 2022, 8:50 AM

The showdown continues between liberal biologists and the government. After two months of opposition to the Social Security budget, the biologists’ unions have called for a new “renewable strike” from December 1, believing that they have received “no concrete response” from Medicare. to their latest proposal.

Received at Medicare on Monday after their three-day strike last week, the four liberal biologist unions had submitted a “compromise” to their interlocutor, demanding a response by Wednesday evening at the latest. Opposed to the “sustainable planing blow” of 250 million euros per year – included in the Social Security budget (PLFSS) for 2023 -, they consented to a drain of the same amount next year, reduced to 145 million 2024 to 2026. But at the end of their ultimatum, they regret having received “no concrete answer”.

The director of Medicare, Thomas Fatôme, however welcomed their “strong commitments”. While hoping that the exchanges can “continue to allow the achievement of the objective set” in the PLFSS.

Join the movement of liberal doctors

But this is too little, say the biologists, who are calling for “a written and quantified return to (their) proposal” before resuming discussions. They consider having “no other choice” than to “go on strike renewable from December 1”.

A date chosen in order to “join the movement initiated by other health professions”, in particular liberal doctors, most of whose unions are calling for the closing of practices on December 1 and 2.

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