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Bindiya will shine: Swati Mohan’s Bindi, who played a key role in bringing NASA’s rover to Mars, dominated social media

Washington: As NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars on Friday, the sound of “touchdown confirmed” (successfully landed) echoed in the US space agency’s control room. The announcement was made by Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan, who played an important role in landing the rover on the ‘Red Planet’. Swati Mohan has dominated social media, especially people are talking about her dot.

Swati is the scientist who led the guidance and control campaign (GN&C) of the ‘Mars 2020’ mission. He played the role of flight controller in landing the rover.

Swati was the first to announce the successful landing of the rover on the surface of Mars crossing the atmosphere of the red planet. As soon as ‘Pursevirns’ landed on the surface of the red planet, Swati declared, “It has landed successfully.” With this, there was an atmosphere of celebration.

Swati reached America from India at the age of one. Citing him on his website on NASA’s website, it has been said that his team’s role in the current campaign has been mentioned. Swati said about this, “The time of seven minutes while landing on the surface of Mars was very risky. Swati said, “Being the commander of the team’s campaign, I was the link between the GN&C sub-system and the rest of the project.”

Growing up in Northern Virginia and Washington DC, Swati graduated from Cornell University in mechanical and space technology and then did an MS and PhD in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Swati said that her interest in space was born when she saw the TV show ‘Star Trek’ at the age of nine. Swati’s contribution to NASA’s Mars mission is being praised worldwide today. However, there is a lot of discussion about her dot on social media, which is seen on her forehead in NASA pictures. People have tweeted many in praise of her bindi.

NASA’s six-wheeled rover will bring such rocks from Mars, which can answer these questions whether there was ever life on the red planet.

Scientists believe that if there had ever been life on Mars, it would have been three to four billion years ago, when water was present on the planet.

Scientists hope that the rover can get an answer to a main question related to philosophy, theology and space science. The ‘Perceivers’ is the largest rover ever sent by NASA. This is the ninth Mars mission of the US Space Agency since the 1970s.

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