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Bin Laden wanted to do another attack like 9/11, America’s move could not be guessed

9/11 Attacks: Terrorist Osama bin Laden planned a second attack against the United States soon after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Although he did not expect that America would declare war after this attack. Let us tell you that in this terrorist attack (also known as 9/11 attack) about 3,000 people were killed.

According to CBS News, papers obtained and declassified by US Navy SEALs after the 2011 assassination of bin Laden have recently revealed how the then al-Qaeda leader encouraged the use of private jets rather than passenger planes. , so that the follow-up attack can be carried out after 9/11. These documents also revealed how bin Laden encouraged his followers to cut American railroad tracks in order to avoid a massive train derailment that killed hundreds of people.

Author and Islamic scholar Nellie Lahoud (who has spent much of her career researching al-Qaeda) examined thousands of pages of personal letters and notes from Osama bin Laden, a team of two dozen Navy SEALs who died 11 years ago were confiscated by Navy SEALs were sent to Pakistan to capture or kill bin Laden.

bin Laden could not guess it
Speaking during an interview with CBS, Lahoud explained how al-Qaeda did not anticipate that the US would declare war after the 9/11 attacks. However, when war broke out in Afghanistan, Lahoud says bin Laden’s letter shows he was surprised by the Americans’ reaction to the September 11 attack.

Quoting declassified papers, Lahoud said bin Laden thought Americans would take to the streets and pressure his government to withdraw from the Muslim-majority state. According to Lahoud “it was a huge miscalculation on the part of Osama bin Laden.” Lahoud said that according to personal letters written by bin Laden to group members, he did not communicate with his al-Qaeda allies for three years because he was on the run. But in 2004, bin Laden rejoined the terrorist group and offered its members his new plan to attack the United States.

bin Laden wanted to do 9/11-like attack again
Bin Laden was “very eager” to repeat attacks like 9/11, but he was also aware of the very tight security conditions at the airport. Reading a letter from Osama bin Laden to the head of al-Qaeda’s international terrorist unit, Lahoud revealed that he had proposed the idea of ​​a charter plane instead of a passenger plane for the next attack on the country. . Bin Laden also wrote that if it was too difficult to attack with a plane, he should target American railways.

plan to target train
Lahoud said bin Laden had a degree in civil engineering and explained how to attack America. He wanted the 12 meter steel rail to be removed so that the train could derail in this way. According to Lahoud, we find him explaining a simple toolkit for terrorists to use. Laden said, “You know, you can use a compressor. You can use iron smelting equipment. Fortunately, according to Lahoud, bin Laden never succeeded in carrying out his plan.

Lahoud said the declassified documents also showed that in November 2002, US intelligence officials were concerned that al-Qaeda was planning “massive attacks” that would result in “mass casualties”, but that Time was hiding bin Laden and running the terrorist group “not at all”.

Wanted to attack in Middle East and America too
The letters also revealed that the 9/11 mastermind had planned an additional terror attack in 2010 targeting several crude oil tankers and major shipping routes in the Middle East and Africa.

Lahoud claimed that bin Laden suggested that al-Qaeda henchmen could integrate themselves into port areas as fishermen. He instructed his team where to buy specific boats for radar evasion and explained in detail how the ships should be used to transport the explosives.

Current status of al Qaeda
Now, according to US intelligence agencies, most of Al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities are carried out by smaller branches of Al-Qaeda. After bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri is now the head of al-Qaeda. According to CBS, this month he appeared in a new video condemning the enemies of Islam.

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