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Bill Gates’s advice on bitcoin said, don’t buy bitcoin if you have less money than Elon Musk

Bitcoin is being discussed everywhere today. Now Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said an interesting thing about it. They have told which person should buy bitcoin. Gates, the world’s third richest man, said that bitcoins are not for me because I have less money than Tesla CEO Elon Musk. That is, one who has less money than Musk, should not invest in bitcoin. Musk has been vocal about Bitcoin and his company Tesla has recently invested $ 1.5 billion in this cryptocurrency.

Do not buy bitcoins with less money than Alan

In a conversation with Bloomberg TV, Gates said that bitcoin is not for everyone and only the world’s richest person should consider investing in it. He said that “Alan has a lot of money and is very prudent, so I’m not worried that his bitcoin will go up or down randomly. I think people buy it with enthusiasm who don’t have the extra money.” My general thought is that if you have less money than Alan, you should probably wait it out. “

Bitcoin price rises after Tesla’s investment
Significantly, after Tesla’s investment of $ 1.5 billion, the value of bitcoin doubled. Musk had said to accept this as a payment mode soon. However, Musk warned users in a video not to spend all his life savings on cryptocurrencies. He said that people should not invest their savings capital on the basis of speculation. At the same time, Bill Gates has advised people not to invest their savings in cryptocurrency, except the rich like Musk.

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