Bill Gates predicts this technology will replace smartphones

Billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft has predicted a new type of technology can replace smartphones in the future.

This is not the first time Bill Gates has made predictions, having previously warned that a new pandemic more dangerous than Covid-19 will break out in the future.

Now the “software mogul” has made a technology prediction regarding electronic tattoos, which he says will change the way people communicate and could make smartphones a thing of the past.

Specifically, this electronic tattoo was developed by the company Chaotic Moon, a biotechnology-based technique that analyzes and collects information from the human body.

Chaotic Moon Studios is focusing specifically on the medical field. That means if you have an electronic tattoo on your body, you can monitor whether your body is functioning properly. If any signs of fever or other illness appear, you will be notified immediately. At the same time, it also has the function of notifying your doctor.

Overall, this tattoo will store health and exercise-related data to help prevent and control disease, as well as improve physical performance based on vital signs.

In addition, the company is also working on ways to store user medical documents in a digital format that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, minimizing the risk of losing or not having the original documents.

Currently, the electronic tattoo is still in the development stage, it is known that it will be applied temporarily on the skin, with small sensors and trackers that send and receive information through a special conductive ink.

However, that is still not enough, Bill Gates wants this device to replace smartphones. People can use the electronic tattoo developed by Chaotic Moon to make calls, send messages or look up addresses. His ideas have appeared in several Hollywood films. Bill Gates believes that despite the fact that the technology is in its infancy, it has all the potential to expand.

Bill Gates saw a lot of promise in this technology and decided to invest. The time when the electronic tattoo will be released has not been revealed yet. The billionaire and his team are doing more advanced research that will make the device able to be used as a smartphone in the future.

Huong Dung(According to Marca, Dazeinfo)

Bill Gates sets his expectations on the virtual universe

Bill Gates sets his expectations on the virtual universe

The Microsoft founder said that in the next few years, most meetings will be held via the metaverse platform, bringing flexibility to working remotely.


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