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Bill Gates gets the first dose of Kovid vaccine, says – looks great

San Francisco: Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has taken the first dose of the Kovid vaccine. This weekend he tweeted, “One of the advantages of being 65 years old is that I am considered eligible for the Kovid-19 vaccine. This week I received my first dose and I feel great.” He further wrote, “Thank you to all the scientists, trial participants, regulators and frontline workers who have brought us to this point.”

However, there have been many allegations against Bill Gates over Kovid-19 and the vaccine made against it. Earlier reports were spread that Corona is a conglomerate of Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies so that the companies that manufacture the drugs benefit from it. Then it was heard that through the coronavirus vaccine, he wants to put a microchip in people’s body so that people can get more information about the condition of the virus. However, the founder of Microsoft has denied these reports, calling them fake.

President Biden said this big thing about the elimination of Corona virus
US President Joe Biden said on Monday that it will take a long time to defeat the corona virus epidemic and he is working aggressively in this direction. Biden told reporters at the White House, “I will beat the virus but I never said that it will happen in two months.” It has taken a long time to reach here and it is going to take a long time to defeat it as well.

In fact, Biden recently said that his administration cannot do anything to change the course of this epidemic for the next several months. However, two months ago, he had said that he would keep on defeating the virus. Biden was answering questions related to these statements.

He said, “If I am saying wrong then tell me, this morning I was talking to the leaders of other countries. I think this day is one of the first days when the number of people who died due to corona virus has come down, cases of infection and the number of hospitalized patients have come down. ”


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