Bill Gates brings cheap Covid-19 testing solution to Africa

The Bill & Melinda Foundation has brought more than 5,000 low-cost Covid-19 rapid testing machines to African countries in a commitment of 17 million USD.

In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s GoalKeeper 2021 report, Bill Gates said: “The world’s response to Covid-19 has been much faster than any other epidemic in history. The world needs access to new tools such as rapid, affordable and accurate diagnostic tests.”

According to Bill Gates, in Africa, the proportion of the population vaccinated against Covid-19 is still limited. This could make it difficult to contain this pandemic. Risk of infection, creating new variants that can spread to the world.

“We have to join hands to race to control the epidemic. We need to provide tools for the whole world,” he said.

In the summary video “3 Responses to Covid” (rough translation: 3 ways to deal with Covid) posted on an electronic report, the American billionaire mentioned a Covid-19 diagnostic device from LumiraDx, which he said was the solution. This is a useful solution, especially for countries that still have difficulty in accessing vaccines and Covid-19 testing solutions.

The LumiraDx diagnostic tool is used to test for Covid-19 at a medical facility in Kenya (Africa). Photo: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

LumiraDx – a healthcare technology research company based in London (UK) has developed a high-sensitivity antigen rapid test application for Covid-19 and has begun to officially announce the product in the US for the first time. first in September 2021.

According to the announcement from LumiraDx, the rapid antigen test from their device gives results in 12 minutes with an accuracy comparable to the Realtime RT-PCR test method that coincides with 97.6% for positive cases. and 96.7% for negative cases. The cost of testing per capita ranges from only a few dollars.

The app is currently used by the National Health Service and Boots in the UK, CVS Health in the US, a significant number of emergency and accident departments in Italy, and other parts of Europe. They are also being rolled out in Africa in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

LumiraDx cooperates with the Bill & Melinda Foundation with a commitment of 17 million USD since October 2020 in the category “Developing solutions to improve global health – Supporting advanced technology solutions” “. At the time of publication of the above report (October 2021), 5,000 LumiraDx diagnostic machines had been provided for testing in African countries.

The cost of testing for Covid-19 has also been a topic of interest in Vietnam in recent months. Many Vietnamese businesses hope to have solutions to proactively organize Covid-19 tests for employees at low cost, reducing financial burden in the “new normal” period.

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