Bill Gates and his wife began to divide the fortune of $ 145 billion

05/05/2021 12:59 GMT + 7

Information about the division of the property after the divorce of billionaire Bill Gates and Melinda Gates has been revealed.

After 27 years together, Bill Gates and his wife have built a huge fortune, up to $ 145 billion. According to a filing dated May 3 submitted to US officials, Cascade Investment – Bill Gates’ company – transferred the $ 1.8 billion worth of securities to Melinda French Gates. It includes about $ 1.5 billion in Canadian National Railways shares and more than $ 300 million in AutoNation stock. Cascade currently holds more than $ 50 billion in securities.

The split of wealth after the divorce of billionaire Bill Gates has attracted global attention. Both run Bill and Melinda Gates, the world’s largest private charity, and pledge to donate most of their fortune. Despite their split, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates remained co-chairmen of the fund and their roles did not change. Where the donation is sent depends on the personal relationship of the former couple, according to researcher Benjamin Soskis. Melinda is particularly concerned with gender equality, while Bill is more focused on science and public health.

Just two years ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also announced the divorce of his wife MacKenzie Scott. This is the most expensive divorce in history. Bezos’ 25% stake in Amazon is split 75-25 for Bezos and his ex. It turned Scott into the world’s fourth richest woman, rocking global philanthropy. She is one of the biggest contributors of 2020.

According to Bloomberg, the $ 145 billion division of the Bill Gates and his wife is much more complicated than the Bezos family because the Amazon boss’s fortune is mainly focused on Amazon stock.

Bill Gates’ wealth stems from his stake in Microsoft, although it currently accounts for less than 20% of their fortune. The couple transferred a majority of their stakes to the Gates Foundation over the years. Since Bill Gates left Microsoft’s board of directors, his exact stake has not been disclosed.

The couple’s biggest asset is Cascade Investment, a company run by Michael Larson. Through Cascade, Gates invests in real estate, energy, travel and public companies. The couple is also among the largest landowners in the US, owning many apartments, including luxury villas in Media, Washington.

Bloomberg sees the quick move of shares as a sign that they have decided to complete the asset division. Jacqueline Newman, a marriage lawyer, said that when they announced the divorce, they probably completed 90 to 95% of the process.

The Bill Gates family lives in Washington. According to state regulations, any property purchased during the marriage is considered to belong to both spouses. However, assets do not have to be equally divided. The court can decide who owns more.

Information about the Bill Gates and his wife’s division of property is likely to be hidden behind their separate contracts. Only shares in public companies are large enough to report.

Bill Gates and his wife are both public celebrities. Bill Gates is the fourth richest person in the world, the founder of Microsoft, and the subject of conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines. Meanwhile, Melinda French Gates has made a name for himself through the book “How to empower women to change the world” in 2019.

After their divorce, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates can pursue their own passions outside of charity. Bill Gates, for example, founded Breakthrough Energy Venture, a fund that addresses climate change by investing in startups to cut carbon emissions. Melinda French Gates opens investment company and incubator Pivotal Ventures to identify and assist in developing and implementing solutions to American women’s problems.

In 2019, French Gates pledges to spend $ 1 billion to speed up the empowerment and influence of women in the United States. A year later, Pivotal announced a partnership with MacKenzie Scott to start the Unwavering Equality Challenge. This is a $ 30 million prize for organizations that find solutions to empowering women before 2030.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)

Bill Gates and his wife, how do billionaires divide their assets after divorce?

Bill Gates and his wife, how do billionaires divide their assets after divorce?

The divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates will lead to complicated decisions about the division of property after 27 years of marriage.


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