Big Tech testifies in the US for the first time since the Capitol Hill riots

For the first time since the Capitol Hill riots earlier this year, CEOs Google, Facebook and Twitter appeared before Congress to talk about the role the social network played in the case.

From left to right: Twitter CEO, Facebook CEO and Google CEO in the March 25 hearing. (Photo: CNN)

Opening the hearing, Mike Doyle, chairman of the Technology and Communications Subcommittee, said his staff could easily find anti-vaccine content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. “You can lower the content, reduce the reach, fix that. But you choose not to. You have the means, but over and over again, you choose to interact and profit instead of the health and safety of the user ”.

The US lawmakers questioned “yes or no” to the leaders of the world’s top three technology firms about their role in inciting rioting participants. People see social media platforms as a place to spread false information, call for violence, leading to the Capitol Hill riots on January 6 in the hope of overturning the election results.

Only Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey answered “yes” but said that it is necessary to consider “broader ecosystem”. Google CEO Sundar Pichai insists the company has always felt a sense of responsibility, but this is a complex question. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company was responsible for building “efficient systems.” He blamed the rioters and former President Donald Trump.

Authorities criticized the platforms’ approaches to fake, dangerous content. Although all three companies are taking measures to limit fake news, researchers point out that fake news is still rampant.

Senator Mike Doyle said: “We fled when the riots entered Capitol Hill, Congress and our democratic process. That attack, the movement that propelled it, was started and nurtured on your own.

The hearing on March 25 (local time) took place online with the participation of two sub-committees of the House Energy and Commerce Council. In addition to the Capitol Hill riots, parliamentarians questioned three CEOs about the prevalence of vaccine fake news and Covid-19, raising concerns about the impact of social media on children, including questioning. about Facebook’s plans to launch an Instagram version for children under 13.

Representative of the Democratic Party Frank Pallone – Chairman of the Council of Commerce and Energy emphasized: “Your business model itself is an issue and the time for self-management has ended. The time has come for us to hold you accountable ”.

Some lawmakers called for the removal or rectification of Article 230 of the Communications Standards Act, a shield protecting online platforms from content posted by users. One day before the hearing took place, Facebook argued that Article 230 should be rewritten to allow companies to be released from liability for users’ content only if they took best practices for removal. toxic information. Pichai and Dorsey said they agreed with some of Facebook’s proposals.

According to US media, there are times when the hearing falls under tension. Lawmakers sometimes want to save time so they ask “yes or no” questions, but the CEOs have long answers. During the testimony, Dorsey updated Twitter, seemingly to mock lawmakers. He creates a survey in which the user simply chooses “yes” or “no”. In just 30 minutes, there were more than 40,000 votes.

So far, the CEOs have had experience of hearing before Congress. The last appearance of Zuckerberg and Dorsey was before the US Senate in November 2020 on content management. Before that, Zuckerberg and Pichai testified before the House of Representatives in the summer of 2020 on monopoly issues.

A few days before the hearing, companies actively present evidence of how hard they are to fight fake news. Earlier this week, Facebook said it had removed 1.3 billion fake accounts since fall 2020 and has more than 35,000 people working in content administration. Twitter will begin labeling false messages about the Covid-19 vaccine and permanently ban accounts that violate Covid-19 policy. YouTube also removed tens of thousands of videos containing untrue content about the Covid-19 vaccine. After the Capitol Hill riots, the company announced a ban on sharing channels doubted the 2020 election results.

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China watched Twitter, Facebook banned TT Trump from doing lessons when managing Big Tech

China watched Twitter, Facebook banned TT Trump from doing lessons when managing Big Tech

A Chinese official argued that the country could not allow the same behavior to take place. Overly liberalized social media platforms will pose a political threat to the nation.


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