Big Tech leaves, VPN company stays to help Russians ‘break through’ into social networks

Helping Russians access blocked websites is the reason why VPN technology corporations stay in the country despite the strong “tech talent outflow”.

Since Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine, traffic to Windscribe virtual private network (VPN) service in Russia has increased dramatically, according to Windscribe CEO Yegor Sak. Windscribe VPN is based in Canada, allowing users to bypass Internet restrictions in Russia by masking their location and hiding their identity.

Mr. Sak said that the explosive user base in Russia is a positive development for the company, despite other companies racing to cut ties with Russia.

Several Western Internet companies including Apple, Netflix and Airbnb voluntarily left Russia. However, many people in Russia still try to “break through” with VPN software to access blocked social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Many Western companies have abandoned the Russian market due to difficulties from foreign sanctions, but VPN companies continue to stay in the country. They see themselves as a last resort for Russians looking for information or connecting with the outside world.

In fact, VPN companies say they do not profit from the spike in demand, and some even lose money when operating.

“Over the past three weeks, we have seen traffic to our website from Russia increase by about 650%,” said Harold Li, Vice President of ExpressVPN, a VPN company based in the British Virgin Islands. .

VPN companies expect demand for their services to increase further as the Russian government continues to restrict Internet activity in the country.

Thai Hoang(According to Fortune)

Tens of thousands of IT engineers leave Russia

Tens of thousands of IT engineers leave Russia

Russia is facing a “brain crisis” when tens of thousands of IT engineers leave the country.


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