Big enterprises must know about their national mission

“A large enterprise must know about its national mission, change its country. That is the responsibility of big businesses. That is also the difference with small businesses. ”

The above message was shared by Information and Communications Minister Nguyen Manh Hung at the 25th anniversary of the establishment of a large Vietnamese technology corporation, in November 2019.

Here, VietNamNet would like to introduce the full text of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung’s speech on digital technology enterprises that need to be regenerated to last, receiving a national mission to digital transformation and creativity, design and make products and technology in Vietnam.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung wants big technology enterprises to take on a national mission to change their country. Photo: Huy Duc

Today, you and I are here to look back on the journey that we have passed, with many remarkable milestones. More specifically, this is the time to start a new journey, in the mission of joining hands to build a strong and prosperous Vietnam country.

With our quarter of a century, we are one of the first digital technology enterprises in Vietnam, having made remarkable contributions to the application of information technology in many key industries of Vietnam. Countries: Taxes, Customs, Banking, Transportation, Health, Education, Government Numbers, etc …

25 years is long for a business, especially for a technology business. Usually every 10 years, more than 15 years, the business must reinvent itself. It could be to do something new, it could be to do it in a new way. So, over the past 25 years, have we had any fundamental renovation?

We have always been proud of being a technology enterprise, even a high-tech enterprise. But one year, each of us only makes a profit of $ 2,000, the rate of return on sales is only 3%. Have we ever thought, is this a high or low number?

Often when there are two things to do, we tend to choose the easy one to do first, and think that, after the easy thing is done, it will be hard. But life is not so much, easy work creates a culture of easy work. And that culture is not suitable for hard work. Then our organization will get stuck in the easy things. A leader with a vision when there are two things to choose from will choose the harder to do. The harder work not only forms a culture of conquering the hard work, but also generates greater profits, because the harder it is, there is less competition. We have never been like that?

Enterprises should be a pioneer in creating the revolutionary change that people are going through, should be a pioneer in raising social awareness, and should address the biggest challenges of society. The bigger the business, the stronger its impact, and thus the greater the responsibility to the country. A big business must take on the national mission, change our country. It’s the responsibility of big businesses, and it also differentiates small businesses. We are a large digital technology enterprise in Vietnam, with tens of thousands of people and turnover of tens of thousands of billion, have you ever thought about your national mission?

Richard Leider talks about the two most important days of each of us: The first is clear: the day you are born. The second day is not so clear. It’s not the day you die, it’s just the end of the story. It’s not the day you graduate, get married, or have your first child – these are all milestones, but don’t define life for most people. Richard’s answer: that is the day you realize why you were born into this world. Things are not the same once you discover your true purpose. Business is no longer the same once it discovers its mission, discovers the real purpose of the business behind profitability. Creating a profit is the means to the ultimate goal of realizing the mission of the business. Business must be profitable to create value for shareholders, for the business to continue to grow, like people cannot live without food, but profits are not the ultimate goal of the business, like as humans live not to eat. Have we discovered our true mission yet?

A real purpose, a great mission will energize businesses and allow them to overcome difficulties along the way. Not many people think so. Let’s give it a try! Because human beings are not only motivated by personal gain, but also by much more force by the desires and need of caring for others, and by lofty ideals and goals. Let’s give it a try!

Make in Vietnam! Create, design and make products and technology in Vietnam. Make in Vietnam will change Vietnam. Only Make in Vietnam has just raised Vietnam, turned Vietnam into an industrialized country, brought Vietnam to the world, contributed to humanity and received world respect. So, are we taking the lead in Make in Vietnam strategy, in digital technology?

Vietnam will focus on developing 4 types of digital technology businesses. One is that large technology enterprises owning the research and development of core technologies, about 10-20 enterprises with financial, market and human resources. Large service trade enterprises may transform into technology, industry, trade and service conglomerates. Secondly, technology businesses have 10-20 years of experience, we currently have thousands, but are mainly doing outsourcing, now they will turn to making products, focusing on digital transformation Platforms. Third, start-up technology enterprises, doing technology consulting, transferring technology, bringing digital technology to all fields of economy and society. We will need tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of these businesses. Fourth, start-ups innovate, develop new technologies, and breakthrough new business models. Vietnam has hundreds of businesses of this type, which is very successful. Who will we be among the four types of businesses above?

We today, after 25 years, declare Rebirth. This is a strong commitment to renewal, of a transformation for a new mission. Must be a great national mission, must be a goal so high that it is almost impossible, it must be a great challenge, it must be a great desire to help you have enough energy to perform. get this transformation. It sounds paradoxical. Converting has been a difficult task, but yet another difficult thing is to get a very high goal. But that is the logic of life. Only great challenges create great business. I wish you all this belief.

Please continue to pioneer! Take on yourself bigger challenges, solve difficult problems of the country and go out into the world.


Minister Nguyen Manh Hung talked about Covid-19 and digital transformation

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung talked about Covid-19 and digital transformation

Digital transformation keeps life going normally, but in a different way, a new normal.


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