BIDV has a big promotion ‘Strengthening the rhythm of life’ to greet the new normal

Accompanying customers to return to a new normal, restore a vibrant and exciting life, BIDV launches an attractive incentive program called “Burning the rhythm of life”.

BIDV customers who are business households and small businesses when participating in the program will receive: free all online money transfers, free beautiful digital accounts, credit cards with a limit of up to VND 100 million, have the opportunity to borrow money without collateral up to 100 million VND, free to install VietQR money transfer code at the store.

The bank also offers customers 66,666 dong to the account for the first 120,000 customers with wishes for a smooth and prosperous business.

In addition, from now until December 1, 2021, BIDV will continue to offer free unlimited transactions on SmartBanking, offering a combo of up to VND 300,000 for the first 1,000 customers to register and activate. successful service every day.

In particular, a series of features and utilities with “super terrible” offers have just been launched on SmartBanking.

Specifically, with the feature of choosing the desired account number according to the needs of customers on SmartBanking, BIDV customers are free to choose the account number with the last 2 digits of Loc Phat (68, 86), Phu Quy. (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99), God of Wealth (39, 79). Account numbers selected from 3-7 digits also get 50% off opening fees.

With the feature of opening a securities account on SmartBanking, customers can quickly open a new online securities account and receive a transaction fee voucher worth up to 1 million VND after successfully opening an account and trading with the company. BSC Securities.

With the online card issuance feature, customers can quickly open and activate their cards right on SmartBanking; and immediately receive non-physical card, or physical card at the customer’s address / BIDV transaction office.

As a bank with a diversified service ecosystem, BIDV also cooperates with a series of e-wallets to launch promotions, gifts and vouchers every Wednesday for customers such as ShopeePay, ZaloPay, Momo… Thanks to these offers, online shopping “believers” will be immersed in endless joy.

BIDV representative noted that customers need to update to the latest version of SmartBanking on the App Store/Google Play Store to experience new features and utilities.

For specific advice and promotions, contact the hotline 24/7 19009247 or visit BIDV’s website: -dai-khac/bung-nhip-song-cung-bidv

4 ways to register online for BIDV SmartBanking service and receive a preferential combo of VND 300 thousand:

– Option 1: Register on the app with electronic identification (eKYC), for customers who do not have information at BIDV. Watch the video tutorial at:
– Method 2: Register on the app and authenticate with ATM card pin code, for customers with BIDV ATM card.

– Method 3: Register on the app and authenticate with a set of security questions, for customers who already have information at BIDV.

– Method 4: Register online on BIDV website by following the link:

Download the app and register at:

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