BIDV applies chip-based citizen identification in banking transactions

BIDV and the Center for Research and Application of Population Data and Citizen Identity (NCUD) have signed a cooperation agreement to maximize the value of the National Database on Population, CCCD and Identity, electronic authentication.

BIDV is one of the first banks to coordinate with the NCUD Center (a unit of the National Population Data Center, the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order, the Ministry of Public Security) to develop a roadmap. develop products and applications of the population and citizen identification database (CCCD) platform in banking transactions.

According to BIDV, the chip-mounted CCCD will greatly assist the bank in the process of customer authentication, reducing operational time; eliminating the risks of forgery and errors in the operation process compared to the previous conventional ID card comparison check.

On the customer’s side, the verification and reconciliation of information through the chip-mounted CCCD helps to make financial transactions of customers simple, convenient, safe and fully automatic and fast.

In the coming time, when connecting to the national data system, BIDV will continue to research and apply chip-based CCCD on multi-channels. Customers can use the chip-mounted CCCD to authenticate facial and fingerprint biometrics and perform transactions on the automated teller machine system, mobile app and on BIDV’s branches/transaction offices.

Xuan Thach


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