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Biden said – America will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of my term

Joe Biden, who is going to be US President, on Saturday expressed his resolve that the US would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of his term as president. He said that the historic agreement aimed at reducing global temperature has completed five years today.

Trump repeatedly criticized the agreement

Biden said the US formally withdrew support from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change of 2015 on November 4 this year. Actually, President Donald Trump announced this decision in 2017. Trump has repeatedly criticized the agreement, terming it as financially damaging and claimed that by 2025, the country could suffer 2.5 million jobs.

Climate summit will also be organized

He also said that other big countries like China and India, emitting from it, have got free passes. “America will rejoin the Paris Agreement during my tenure as President and I will immediately begin working with my counterparts in the world, including the first 100 days of my tenure as climate summit with leaders of major superpowers,” said Biden. To organize.

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