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Biden plans to deal with corona virus epidemic, preparations for 10 million vaccines soon

Wilmington America’s newly elected President Joe Biden has announced that his initial plan to combat the Corona Virus epidemic involves the application of the Covid-19 vaccine to 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his term.

Biden said that in this new effort the whole nation will be united and billions of dollars will be spent from federal funds for vaccination, screening and other measures to combat the outbreak. He said on Friday, “I promise to you. We will handle this outbreak with this campaign.”

Appeal to follow precautions
Biden said that for this, Parliament would have to approve spending more money. He also appealed people to follow basic precautions such as wearing masks, avoiding overcrowding and frequently washing their hands.

Made $ 1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”
Biden said, “This is not a political issue. It is about saving lives. I know it has become a partisan issue, but it is silly and silly things are happening. “Biden made a $ 1.9 trillion” American Rescue Plan “to tackle the epidemic and provide immediate support to a volatile economy. He said this a day after making the announcement.

In this plan, 400 billion dollars will be spent with the aim of controlling the spread of corona virus. Under this plan, large-scale vaccination campaigns are to be carried out across America and many other measures to deal with the epidemic.

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