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Biden condemns the incident in the US Capitol, tells the crowd domestic terrorists

new Delhi: The situation is not stable since the presidential election in America. Now a clash was witnessed in the US Parliament House by supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump. It has been condemned by the newly elected President Joe Biden and termed those present as domestic terrorists.

Joe Biden, a day after the violent attack on the US Capitol Building (US Parliament House), called the Trump supporters crowd a domestic terrorist and condemned the incident. With this, Biden has blamed outgoing President Donald Trump for this incident of violence that shook the capital.

On this incident, Joe Biden said that violating the security of the US Parliament House on behalf of Trump supporters was not a disagreement or demonstration but it was a nuisance. He said, ‘What we saw yesterday was not right. It was not a disorder. This was not a protest. It was chaos. They were not protestors. Do not call them protesters. They were rioters, rebels and domestic terrorists.

Joe Biden said, ‘No one can tell me that if there was a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they would not have been treated any differently than the crowd in the Capitol. We all know that this is true and it is unacceptable. ‘ At the same time, Biden has described this incident as a dark day in the history of the country.

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