Bertrand Tavernier’s funeral will be held in Sainte-Maxime in the family intimacy

The director of Let the party begin and of The watchmaker of Saint-Paul will be buried on Tuesday March 30 in the Var where he passed away last week at the age of 79.

It is near Sainte-Maxime, in the Var, that the funeral of the filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30. The director of Wipe and of Let the party begin will be buried near the family home in Les Saquèdes, owned by his family since 1939. It is in this place, filled with memories, that he loved to recharge his batteries, far from the tumult of Parisian life. According to the wishes of his relatives, his wife Sarah and his children Nils and Tiffany, the funeral will be held in the strictest family privacy, as it was specified in a press release.

Former press officer, then critic, Bertrand Tavernier has always been passionate about cinema. His eclectic inspiration has allowed him to deliver to the public works which, over time, have entered the best anthologies of the seventh art. We obviously think of The Watchmaker of Saint-Paul, adapted from a novel by Georges Simenon, which around the brilliant Philippe Noiret, his favorite actor, showed from the 1970s the incommunicability between a father and his son.

Among his great achievements, we cannot forget, of course, his great historical fresco Let the party begin, which told how in the time of the regency, under Philippe d’Orléans, we could already perceive the beginnings of the French Revolution. Unclassifiable, Bertrand Tavernier, will also have given his best role to Michel Galabru in The Judge and the Assassin.

The works of his fellow filmmakers fascinated him almost as much as his screenplays. An activist at heart Bertrand Tavernier will have fought at the end of his career with a soul never tired for the protection of copyright and the safeguarding of heritage films. A fight, which certainly will survive him.


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