Bertrand Blier: “My father was the most important man in my life”

BIG MAINTENANCE – Author of a book in which he recounts his childhood in a barely romantic way, the great director of waltzers and of Cold buffet received us at his home in Paris for a long interview. The opportunity to talk in particular about the brilliant Bernard Blier and all the actors who have marked him.

He is one of the last giants of French cinema who welcomes us to his home, in Paris, in the 9and borough. In the living room, books everywhere and audiophile equipment: gigantic JBL speakers, McIntosh preamp and amp, which he got after spotting the same ones at Serge Gainsbourg. Bertrand Blier is seated, his pipe close at hand. With age, he looks more and more like his father, less plump. This man is not just anyone: he knew how to invent his own cinematographic universe, wrote and directed unforgettable films for several generations, and directed the greatest actors who jostled at the gate of his film sets to being in the game… Finally, he is the greatest dialogue writer of his time, signing very well-written absurd sentences that never ring false and bring to his work a poetic dimension that cannot be found anywhere else.

A great reader, he is also a wise music lover, fanatic of jazz and music…

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