Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern: “We are two mad virgins!”

MAINTENANCE – As they prepare to shoot a new feature film, the uncle strollers of French cinema peek in the rearview mirror: ten films, few regrets, a lot of laughs.

They giggle. “Our best reviews lately have been in Le Figaro that we had them …»Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern are fond of the paradox, the well-pointed out antithesis. They themselves constitute one, at least visually. The first launches his laughter and his hair to make Nicolas Cage jealous back; the second laughs silently, arms crossed, chin lowered. The first, dressed in dark, chats without forcing himself; the second, in a Hawaiian shirt, looks crumpled. Gérard Depardieu compares Kervern to “a hedgehog” (hence the friendship with Delépine?).

On Wednesday September 15, a cocktail is given at the Halle Saint-Pierre in the Baltard style, the temple of brut art. The two men present not a film but a book full of anecdotes about their career (The Cinema of Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern, ed. La Tengo). A series of interviews in which Jean Dujardin or Benoît Poelvoorde participated – Michel Houellebecq would have liked to but he was depressed on the day of the interview.

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