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Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule over! Know who is the next PM of Israel, Naftali Bennett, what is his opinion about Palestine

How was Benjamin Netanyahu’s journey

Benjamin Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. In 1963, his family moved to America. His father, Benzion, a historian and Jewish activist, had a job in an academic position in America.

In 1976 Netanyahu’s brother Jonathan was killed while leading a raid to rescue hostages from a hijacked plane in Entebbe, Uganda. His death had a profound effect on the Netanyahu family. After this Netanyahu established an anti-terrorism institute in memory of his brother. He became Deputy Chief of Mission of Israel in Washington in 1982. Soon, he started placing Israel’s side very firmly on American channels and became his identity. Netanyahu was then appointed Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 1984.

Israel returned and political career began

In 1988 he returned to Israel again and became involved in domestic politics. He managed to win a seat for the Likud party in the  Knesset (Parliament) and became the Deputy Foreign Minister. He later became president of the Likud party and became Israel’s first directly elected prime minister after the assassination of Yitzhak Rajin in 1996. He was the youngest Prime Minister of the country and the only one who was born after the creation of Israel in 1948. In his first term, he strongly criticized the 1993 Oslo peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, although Netanyahu gave 80 percent of Hebron (a Palestinian city in the southern West Bank, 30 km from Jerusalem) to the Palestinian Authority. Agreement to hand over control signed. 

In the 2001 elections again, the Likud party returned to power and Sharon was elected prime minister. Netanyahu returned to the government once again, serving first as foreign minister and then as finance minister.

accusations of corruption

Who is Naftali Bennett who could be the next prime minister

Now that it is almost clear that Netanyahu’s hold on the prime minister’s chair has loosened, Naftali Bennett will now become the next prime minister of Israel after him. In fact, opposition leader Yeir Lapid has told the president that he has a majority and is accompanied by political parties such as Yesh Atid, Kahol Lavan, Israel Beitinu, Labour, Yamina, New Hope, Meretz and the Ra’M.

If the opposition proves the majority, then Naftali Bennett will be the prime minister. He is a former tech entrepreneur. He is a very wealthy person and is the owner of property worth crores of rupees. His parents are not from Israel but from America who immigrated to Israel. 

What is Bennett’s thinking

When it comes to the Jewish country, Bennett considers himself a nationalist even more than Netanyahu. He supports the historical and religious claims of the Jews on the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.  Now you must be wondering what is his attitude towards Palestinians, then let us tell you that he is known for taking a tough stand against Palestinian extremists. They say that these extremists should be given the death penalty.

Even if he becomes the prime minister of Israel, the troubles of the Palestinians will not be reduced. Rather, it is also possible that peace talks may also end. But what will be the future picture, it will be known in the coming time. Bennett said in a recent statement that he is more right-wing than Netanyahu but would not use hatred or polarization as a tool to advance politically.

Let the Palestinians demand an independent state comprising the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which Israel captured in the 1967 war.


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