Benjamin Bellecour, the chameleon

PORTRAIT – Actor, author and producer of Alexis Michalik’s plays, he wrote his first feature film.

“I find it difficult to be dependent on others”, says Benjamin Bellecour. It is his wife, singer Julie Zenatti who talks about it best: “Benjamin is anything but a wait-and-see person, he doesn’t wait for someone to come and get him, he initiates projects.” So her husband artist never waited for the phone to ring. Jack-of-all-trades, this maverick moves forward, builds his own path. Actor in Double lives , the film by Olivier Assayas and Kabul Kitchen , the series with Simon Abkarian. Actor in Dove by Jean Anouilh, directed by Michel Fagadau. Producer ofEdmond, by Alexis Michalik, the play with five Molières – and the eponymous film -, and the next comedy by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière, authors of First name. “He has so many strings to his bow and trades that respond to each other”, summarizes Julie Zenatti.

“I have been very lucky”, esteem this chameleon, born in the 9e district of Paris, forty years ago. And especially had two godfathers

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