Ben Tre spent nearly 1,300 billion dong on digital conversion

Ben Tre’s project with a budget of nearly 1,300 billion VND focuses on converting many fields, including health, education, agriculture, and tourism.

Ben Tre Provincial People’s Committee on October 20 officially announced the provincial digital transformation project for the period 2020-2025, with a vision to 2030.

Ben Tre identifies that digital transformation is a global trend and an irreversible process. In Vietnam, digital transformation has begun to take place, especially in industries such as finance, transportation, and tourism … so the province cannot stand out from this trend.

The representative of the Provincial People’s Committee announced the project, Mr. Trinh Minh Chau – Director of the Department of Information and Communication, shared the objectives of the project to 2025 and vision to 2030.

Mr. Trinh Minh Chau, Director of the Department of Information and Communications, announced the project to transform Ben Tre number in the period 2020-2025, with a vision to 2030. (Photo: Hai Dang)

By 2030, under the project, Ben Tre will become a province in the leading group in digital transformation in the Mekong Delta, a place for testing and applying new technologies and models, developing synchronously. Weights, digital economy, digital society.

At the same time, Ben Tre became one of the successful provinces in digital transformation, developing the digital content industry, experimenting with new technologies and models. Basically and comprehensively renovating the management and administration activities of the authorities at all levels, the business and production activities of enterprises, the way of living and working of the people. Besides, develop a safe, humane and widespread digital environment.

By 2025, the province will focus on developing 3 goals, including digital government, digital economy, and digital society.

Specifically, develop digital government so that 100% of online public services reach level 4, provided on many different means of access, including mobile devices.

At the same time, 90% of job records are at the provincial level; 80% of job profiles at district level and 60% of job profiles at commune level are handled in the online environment (except for work records under state secrets).

The province targets 80% of databases to create an e-government development platform including databases on residential, land, business registration, finance, insurance to be completed and connected, share national data. Step by step open data of state agencies to provide timely, one-time, lifecycle public services for the people and socio-economic development.

In addition, half of regulatory inspection is done through the digital environment and the information system of the regulator.

In the field of digital economy, the province sets a digital economy target of 10% GRDP; the proportion of digital economy in each branch or field reaches at least 5%; annual labor productivity increases at least 7%. At the same time, Ben Tre entered the group of 25 leading provinces in information technology.
Third, the province focuses on developing digital society, narrowing the digital gap. In which, fiber optic broadband network infrastructure covers over 80% of households, 100% of communes; popularize 4G / 5G mobile network services and smart mobile phones; percentage of the population with electronic payment accounts over 50%.

In this project, the province determines to transform the number 4 immediate priority sectors including health, education, agriculture and tourism.

The total cost of implementing the digital transformation project of Ben Tre is 1,285,920 million VND, taken from the state budget and investment sources of businesses, private sector, community and other legal sources.

Ben Tre proposed the Ministry of Information and Communications to support the implementation of digital transformation; supporting the training of information and communication technology human resources; consulting and supporting information technology business incubation; to study and support the locality in building hi-tech parks or linking with large hi-tech parks, in order to create a new driving force and direction in socio-economic development in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, Vice Chairman of Ben Tre Provincial People’s Committee, spoke at the end of the conference. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Speaking at the end of the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, Vice Chairman of Ben Tre Provincial People’s Committee, affirmed that the digital transformation project is the determination of the province, receiving high support from leaders of ministries, branches, and businesses. , personal. Although the province’s digital transformation project has been issued, it has not yet been finalized, it has to work and learn from experience. This is the driving force for agencies and agencies to work together to implement the tasks in the project.

Digital transformation is a great opportunity for Ben Tre but also a big challenge in the implementation process. Therefore, Mr. Duc asked key officials of the province to propagate so that people understand that digital transformation is what the province wants to do and must do.

Mr. Duc also thanked the Department of Computerization (Ministry of Information & Communications) for assisting Ben Tre in the process of project development. Along with that, he suggested departments to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications to select a district and commune in the area to test new services during the project implementation.


Ben Tre determined that at least 10% of the IT budget should be spent to ensure network security

Ben Tre determined that at least 10% of the IT budget should be spent to ensure network security

To ensure the safety and security of the IT system, the People’s Committee of Ben Tre province has determined that it is necessary to spend at least 10% of the IT budget, hire an enterprise specializing in information security to protect the systems and perform security. 4 layers of protection.


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