Ben Tre applies technology to build a ‘green fortress’ against epidemics

Ben Tre city (Ben Tre province) applies technology to organize testing, monitor results, and set up a “green fortress” to maintain a safe area against the epidemic.

With the spirit of each ward and commune being a fortress, after 10 days of implementing the “Green City” building program in Ben Tre, the fight against Covid-19 here is in a drastic and radical stage.

Previously, the People’s Committee of Ben Tre City and the Delegation of Information Technology Department – Ministry of Health implemented the “Green City” program on the technology platform of “Healthy Vietnam”. The program aims to build “green fortresses” on the local map, help control epidemics, and soon return production, services and people’s lives to a new normal.

The testing process through the application of technology to register and return results online according to the QR code.

Specifically, the People’s Committee of Ben Tre city held a military parade with the “green fortress” symbol, introduced with the letter V – Vietnam is victorious with a heart symbolizing compassion and a blue circle of protection. health sector, epidemic prevention.

The program set up 18 testing points in 14 wards and communes of the city. Thanks to the application of technology in disease prevention, in just 6 hours from 14:00 to 20:00 on August 19, the whole city had more than 18,000 turns of people representing 72,000 people successfully registered for testing and received QR codes. test code.

With the spirit of “fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy”, in just two days, August 20-21, Ben Tre City held a test of 35,943 samples representing 130,042 people of the city. After that, every 72 hours, one or two representatives per household (depending on the risk level of each ward and commune) continue to be tested alternately through 4-round screening.

As of August 31, the health authority of Ben Tre City has obtained 71,953 rapid test samples, over 83,747 online registrations on the technology system. The epidemic prevention and control agency also provides a statistical monitoring system for each commune and ward. Localities can understand the number of registrations, implementation, and test results, thereby proactively managing epidemic prevention at all levels.

Technology solutions also help local leaders monitor the actual situation in the area, optimizing epidemic prevention. Accordingly, the medical declaration module according to the form of the Ministry of Health allows two-way interaction, while the testing module helps to reduce at least 50% of the medical workforce, supports automatic reporting, and is classified by degree. age, sex. In addition, the system also supports testing of pooled samples, accurately representing family samples, returning results automatically to people, keeping the history of all tests, supporting online statistical reports. line for epidemic prevention and control agencies as well as state management agencies.

Markets in Ben Tre City are being reopened, with a distance to prevent Covid-19.

Markets in Ben Tre City are being reopened, with a distance to prevent Covid-19.

The program also tests people at wholesale markets, Ben Tre people’s markets and a number of manufacturing, service and transport enterprises, in order to ensure the supply chain of goods, contributing to stabilizing people’s lives.

Ms. Luu Thi Diep, a household member participating in the rapid screening test in Ward 3, Ben Tre City, said that she had tested through rounds under the green city building program. This is an opportunity for Ms. Diep to grasp her health status and maintain measures to prevent Covid-19.

“Having a quick test and being vaccinated, I am quite secure with the methodical, orderly and safe organization of the city’s people. People go to the community for testing with a registration code according to the time frame, choose a location. We are excited and confident that the market will operate safely to serve people,” said Ms. Diep.

In addition, many businesses in Ben Tre have also registered “Green Enterprises” to continue to carry out testing every 72 hours for employees and workers. With this program, businesses can actively monitor workers’ health, detect suspected cases early to support and distance themselves, maintain production and business as an alternative to “three places”, reduce costs. fees for businesses.

The Covid-19 map of Ben Tre City has changed color after 4 rounds of screening tests in 10 days of campaign implementation.

The Covid-19 map of Ben Tre City has changed color after 4 rounds of screening tests in 10 days of campaign implementation.

As of 9 a.m. on August 30, in all 14 communes and wards of Ben Tre city, no more positive cases were recorded in the community. On the online digital chart to monitor the epidemic situation of the province, the whole city of Ben Tre is changing color, each ward and commune becomes a “Green Fortress”, identifying F0, F1 early and maintaining the “green zone”. shrink the “yellow area” and gradually erase the “red area”.

Ward and commune leaders of the whole city also maintain safe “fortresses”. Through the test results, each organization, business, household and individual that has a certificate of “negative Covid-19 test” will have an authentication QR code. This QR code is used as a “passport” to move, transport goods, participate in production, business activities and essential services according to regulations.

Ha Thanh (Photo: HDBank)


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