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Beijing Olympics Boycott: US may do diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

US Diplomatic Boycott Of Beijing Olympics: Relations between the US and China do not seem to be improving. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden had an online meeting but no specific result came out. The situation has become such that now America can do a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics to be held in Beijing, the capital of China next year. According to the news agency, ‘Joe Biden has said that Beijing is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics.’

Joe Biden can take a decision soon
It is worth noting that usually a delegation is sent by the White House for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. This time the situation is different. It is believed that US President Joe Biden may soon approve the recommendation not to send officials of his country to the Beijing Olympics. The country’s top lawmakers called for a diplomatic boycott.

European Parliament announces boycott
Earlier, the European Parliament has announced a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. Many players have also raised their voice for its boycott. NBA basketball player and outspoken human rights advocate Annes Kanter has also called for a boycott. All this is happening because of China’s coercion on Taiwan.

“Whoever plays with fire will burn”
However, during an online meeting with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping simply said that anyone who plays with fire over Taiwan will be ‘burned’. Along with this, he said that some Americans intend to use Taiwan to control China.

Jinping told Biden, “Such actions are very dangerous, just like playing with fire. Whoever plays with fire will get burnt.”


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