Behind the scenes of “Macadam CowBoy”

A book returns on the set of this film by John Schlesinger. Or how in 1969 was invented the legend of a colorful redneck who came to seek his fortune in New York.

It was off to a bad start. When we offered him Macadam Cowboy, John Schlesinger found the novel unreadable. “I couldn’t get past page 2.Fortunately, he reopened the volume and his verdict changed. The director of Darling had its next topic. The darling of English cinema had Hollywood at his feet and came out of a complete flop, Far from the raging crowd, his first American experience. He therefore needed to restore his image. The studios had offered him Funny girl and The Violin on the Roof. The Briton preferred the colorful and sordid adventures of this redneck from the West who came to New York to live off the hooks of wealthy wives. A fascinating book takes a look behind the scenes of this classic 1969 film, the only feature film banned from under-17s to have won the Oscar.

Do you really think someone’s going to spend their money to see a movie about some Texan boob who takes a bus to New York to make a fortune jumping old women?

Jon voight

The pages are full of anecdotes. The filmmaker wanted neither Dustin Hoffmann nor Jon Voight. He had approached Truman Capote, had lunch with Gore Vidal who suggested

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