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Before the funeral of Prince Philip, the PM’s staff had a party, apologized to the Queen

UK News: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff organized the party in May last year, breaking the Kovid-19 restrictions, which has caused an uproar in British politics. This party was done on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth II herself took part in the funeral of the Prince following the Kovid restrictions. During that time there was national mourning in Britain, despite this, the UK government apologized to the Queen on Friday for organizing this party. All the opposition parties are demanding the resignation of the PM on this issue.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s Office said: “It is very regrettable that this all happened during a national mourning. The government has apologized to the Queen.” Due to Corona, only 30 people could take part in it during the funeral of Prince Philip. The Queen was forced to sit alone in a room of the church due to restrictions. All the people present there had also strictly followed the rules. This is the reason why this matter of PM’s staff is becoming a big reason for controversy after coming to the fore.

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Recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also apologized on this issue in Parliament, after which the politics has intensified and the opposition parties are demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister. Angela Rainer, deputy leader of the main opposition Labor Party, said that “the Queen was sitting alone in the hour of grief and all the people of the country kept the rules in the national interest despite the personal loss.” Raina said that he does not have words for this behavior by the Prime Minister and the staff.

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There is a lot of pressure on the British PM to resign at this time. They are surrounded on this matter from all sides. Apart from this, the Metropolitan Police of London is waiting for the government’s internal investigation report on this issue. Only after that the police will decide on starting the investigation. It is worth noting that last year Britain imposed strict restrictions due to Corona. For a long time, people had to be imprisoned in their homes due to the lockdown.


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