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Before Rakshabandhan, Sakina of Pakistan got a big gift, know the story of brother and sister separated in 1947

Pakistan Sakina Track Brother Gurmail Singh: Sakina, a resident of Pakistan, and Gurmail Singh Grewal, a resident of Ludhiana, Punjab, are making headlines in newspapers across the country. In fact, when the partition took place between India and Pakistan, Gurmel Singh’s mother went to Pakistan, after which a daughter was born in her house. This daughter was named Sakina. Now that Gurmail Singh is 72 years old, his sister has expressed her desire to meet him. Regarding this, his video was made viral on social media by a YouTuber from Pakistan, after which further links were added.

This matter reached Gurmail Singh Grewal in Jassowal village of Ludhiana, Punjab and he told that yes she is my sister, but she was born in Pakistan.

Gurmail Singh expressed his desire to meet his sister

Gurmail Singh, who lives in Jassowal village of Ludhiana, Punjab, has expressed his desire to meet his sister. When he spoke to the correspondent of ABP News, tears came to his eyes. He said that I am very excited. He said that his sister was born many years after my birth and that too in Pakistan, but still there is a place in my heart for her. He told that for this, my passport has also been given to be made on behalf of the villagers. Although Gurmel Singh himself is battling diseases due to age and difficulty in walking, but he said that if I had to go there, he would not back down. He said that my sister has just had an operation and she cannot come back now.

Gurmel’s wife objected

On the other hand, Gurmail Singh’s wife Raghuveer Kaur has said that she is scared of sending him to Pakistan. He said that his father-in-law never told him about who his sister is and where did he come from. There was no mention of this even before marriage. Gurmail’s wife told that she would not let him go to Pakistan. Even if Sakina wants to come to Punjab Ludhiana and meet her brother, she has an objection to that as she has no idea about whether he is from their family or not. The wife said that we are with our country of India. Everyone knows what China and Pakistan have been doing for India. Because of this he is not in support of it.

financial condition of the family

The financial condition of Gurmail Singh Grewal’s family is very bad. His villagers tell that he has only one daughter, who remains ill. Apart from this, Gurmail is also unable to do any work. Only his wife is supporting her family by doing small jobs. He told that the passport of Gurmail Singh has been made by meeting the entire village. He also told that if needed, he will collect all the money and give it to the family and if everyone agrees then he will also help them to send Gurmel Singh to Pakistan.

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