“Before, it was a lost day of wages”: in Montpellier, a company is experimenting with menstrual leave

A Montpellier company is experimenting with menstrual leave. A right for every woman with painful periods not to go to work for a day. Paid leave, without having to justify it by a medical certificate. If, for some associations, this is a “false good idea”, the initiative seems to be a first in France.

The employees of La Collective, a cooperative society (scop), in particular collect on public roads for associations. Pauline, employed since September, is one of the first to have taken a 24-hour menstrual leave: “How I did before ? Very often I would pose on a day off. As you work in the street, you still have to be in a good mood and when you are in pain, it is more complicated. Often, I took a day off, it was a day of wages that was lost. If we do the math over the whole year, it still makes a fairly substantial loss. “

The leave is added to the others, open to CDD and CDI and it is fully paid. It was proposed by Jessica, one of the partners. “In case of embarrassing periods, each woman can take a day off, she explains. You can ask it immediately, that is to say that if the morning it does not go well, it is enough to inform your superior. It can also be taken during the day. For now, we are on a day, on an experimental basis. “

In March, out of 17 working women, five were granted 24-hour menstrual leave. “We are convinced that the employees in question are very responsible for the meaning and the philosophy of this leave, says Dimitri, the manager of Scop. We bet on trust and the employees who are there, somewhere, are even more efficient in their work. “ The experiment for one year had been voted at the end of 2020 with the quasi-unanimity of the members of the Scop.

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