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Beauty Queen murdered after gang rape, body found in bathtub, people demand justice on social media

Manila: There was a stir in the Philippines when beauty queen Christine Angelica Decera was found dead in the hotel bathroom. According to preliminary investigation, after the gang rape with Christine, the talk of murder is coming out.

In fact, 23-year-old Christine Makati was found dead in a bathtub in the bathroom of a Four Star Hotel in the city. Police said that Christine’s body has received many deep blows. Many things are expected to be done with sharp things. Police said that the body has been sent for investigation. There can be many more revelations about the case after the atrocity report.

Police said that there are 11 people on their target, out of which 3 people have started questioning by taking them in their possession. At the same time, the police team is looking for other people. After the unfolding of this incident in the Philippines, there is a lot of resentment among the people. People are expressing their anger on the matter with the picture of Christine on their social media. #Justiceforchristinedacera is trending on Twitter in the Philippines at the moment.

Let me tell you, Christine The medicines Born in the city, she has been the runner-up of Miss Silva Davao for the year 2017. Matia Ng Davo has also been a finalist of 2019. These days she was a flight attendant with Philippines Airlines.

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