Beautiful girl was ‘ruined beauty’ because she learned beauty tips on TikTok

A 21-year-old Australian girl has paid a heavy price to learn beauty tips shared on social network TikTok.

Tilly Whitfield’s face was seriously damaged by learning beauty tips shared on TikTok.

The increasing demand for beauty has led to the appearance of many vloggers (who make video blogs to share online) specializing in makeup and beauty tips. In it, many famous vloggers on social networks have shared “homemade” beauty tips, which are beauty ways that take advantage of cheap and readily available things in the house.

However, many people have to pay a heavy price when following these “homegrown” beauty tips, as in the case of a girl named Tilly Whitfield.

This 21-year-old and currently living in Australia tried to follow a beauty tip shared on TikTok, when using acupuncture to beautify her skin. However, instead of possessing a desired skin, Whitfield was hospitalized when her face appeared many serious dark scars and even her left eye had decreased vision.

“I followed the beauty tips shared on TikTok to regenerate my skin,” Tilly Whitfield shared on her personal Instagram page. “However, as a result, I was hospitalized with deep scars and temporary loss of vision over my left eye due to facial swelling. My face became very unrecognizable for the next several weeks.” .

“Never try home-made beauty tips or handmade beauty products. They will cause scarring and dark pigmentation underneath your skin,” Whitfield warns in the post. write his own.

Beautiful girl ruined her beauty because she learned beauty tips on TikTok - 2

Whitfield learned the trick to beautify the skin by inserting acupuncture needles into his face.

Currently, more and more “homemade” beauty tips are being shared widely on TikTok, such as using cinnamon oil to help plump lips; apply potato on face to reduce acne; Cut cactus, aloe vera to apply directly to the face to help beautify the skin… however, not all methods have proven effective and can cause serious health harms because they can cause allergies. It is worth mentioning that TikTok users are mostly young and willing to try new and strange things without anticipating the possible consequences.

Experts warn users not to follow “homegrown” beauty tips or handmade cosmetics of unknown origin introduced on social networking platforms, as there may be consequences. serious for the skin or even affect health and life.

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