Beaches, surfers and sharks… Les Dents de la Mer invites themselves to Arcachon

Kad Merad and Marina Foïs are in the cast of Year of the Shark, French film whose pitch recalls the terrifying feature film by Steven Spielberg. Filming scheduled for this summer for release in 2022.

A beautiful seaside coast. A surfer disappears, a shark prowls around and the tourists are in a panic. Until then, the pitch of Year of the shark looks exactly like that of Sea teeth, Spielberg’s classic released in 1975. With one difference: the protagonists will not take place in an American paradise island, but in the very French setting of the Arcachon basin.

And that will not be the only freedom taken in this feature film, the first shark film ever created in France. The Jokers Films, the production and distribution company of the feature film, is keen to make it clear: it will not be a remake. Year of the shark, directed by the brothers Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma, whose film Teddy hits theaters on June 30, is indeed an original screenplay. “ We read a lot that the film is a remake […] but it’s wrong !», Explains The Jokers Film. “Trust Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma for an original scenario full of surprises“, specifies the production company on Twitter.

It is true that apart from the missing surfer and the ugly shark, the rest of the script does not seem to follow the American blockbuster exactly. In the version of the Boukherma brothers, a gendarme on the point of retiring will try to stop the cruel beast; in the Spielberg version, Chief Martin Brody, the new and lively boss of the local police, was leading the investigation.

Starring in this film, Marina Foïs (Darling, Polite, Irreproachable) will be accompanied by Kad Merad (Welcome to les Ch’tis, Les Choristes, Marseille), with which she has already toured several times, notably in Try me and A ticket for space. They will be joined by Jean-Pascal Zadi, best male hope of the César 2020 for Simply Black, and the young Christine Gautier, decidedly appreciated by the two directors since she plays the supporting role in Teddy soon in the cinema.

And if you are passionate about the project, the production has let it be known that it is still looking for extras for the shooting this summer in Arcachon, in particular a German couple, two Reunionese, sport twins and a fisherman. To see the film in cinemas, however, it will still be necessary to wait since it is only scheduled for summer 2022.


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