Bas-Rhin: end of the strike at the Kronenbourg brewer in Obernai

The employees had been on strike for 11 days to protest against their working conditions. They got a 4.4% salary increase.

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Employees of the Kronenbourg brewery in Obernai (Bas-Rhin) have returned to work after an 11-day strike to obtain a salary increase, indicates France Bleu Alsace. Management granted a 4.4% raise.

After a historic 11-day strike, production was able to resume normally from 2 p.m. on Thursday, Thursday February 3. “The period that is opening now leaves room for calm and constructive exchanges, in particular on working conditions, between management and employees”said management.

The CGT, the last union to call a strike in recent days, is “proud” of this movement “historical”. The mobilization of employees made it possible to obtain “4% general increase, well beyond the first proposals of the management. The employees returned to work with their heads held high, proud to have been able to say what they wanted and to denounce their working conditions.”

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