Barbaque, vegans on the spit

MOVIE THEATER – The scenario of this little masterpiece of ferocity and humor, signed Fabrice Éboué, is delicious like a prime rib from Salers.

As long as there are Fabrice Éboué, the spirit of insolence, irreverence and freedom will survive, at least in the cinema. In short: the French spirit. His new film, Barbaque (in theaters Wednesday, October 27), aims to make fun of a population that takes its fight and its navel so seriously that it seems insensitive to any form of humor against it: vegans. Add to that the fact that animal welfare advocacy and carnophobia are all the rage, and you will understand that few artists dare to ridicule them.

Fabrice Éboué does more and better than that: he kills them. Fictitiously, of course. The script of his little masterpiece of ferocity and humor is delicious like a prime rib from Salers. After being assaulted by green beans (sorry: Green radicals), who destroyed his stalls and sprayed his wife with red paint, a butcher finds one of the ultra vegans and (almost) inadvertently knocks him down with his van. “If it ate meat,

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