Banks leave the crisis behind and post record results

Not all have published their results, but one thing is already certain for French banks: if the second quarter of 2020 still leaves the memory of a season in hell, the second quarter of 2021 looks like a list of Olympic medalists. Not a day goes by without one or the other posting a historic record. BNP Paribas thus recorded the best quarterly result in its history; Societe Generale must go back to 2016 to regain such a good performance. Its price jumped 6.4% on Tuesday after the publication of results.

Abroad, same story. From Chinese-British HSBC to German Deutsche Bank via Italian UniCredit, institutions are performing better than expected. According to Bloomberg calculations, the twelve largest banks in the world, including Americans like JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs but also European leaders like BNP Paribas or UBS, have accumulated more than $ 170 billion in profits over the last four quarters. . Never seen.

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