Bank: at BRED, branches open only by appointment

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 7:27

“You will no longer go to the bank by chance”. This slogan can now be applied to BRED. The banking establishment, which is part of the BPCE mutualist group and is mainly located in Ile-de-France and Normandy, will now limit reception in branches to only clients who have made an appointment.

From the end of the year, this operating mode, tested in part of the network in 2019, during the afternoons, will be generalized to some 350 agencies and 2,500 group advisers.

Like a visit to the doctor, it will theoretically no longer be possible to go unexpectedly to an agency to ask to see your advisor. You must first have made an appointment request on the BRED mobile application, check the availability of the advisor, choose a more or less long time slot depending on the nature of the appointment (checkbook withdrawal, mortgage, savings …).

Inspired by confinement

The agency itself will remain open to the public, with the possibility of accessing the machines, in particular to withdraw cash or deposit a check. However, a physical separation will be materialized between this space and the rest of the agency: you will have to ring the intercom and justify your appointment to be able to enter.

We are changing our model to show greater clarity between day-to-day banking services, which are only part of our business, and advisory banking services, explains Olivier Klein, Managing Director of BRED. Ultimately, our advisors will be able to devote more time to meetings with their clients, whether on site or by phone. “.

This new organization only perpetuates a practice born during confinement. The coronavirus crisis and travel restrictions have indeed forced BRED, like other banks, to only receive customers by appointment.

This was not a brake on our activity, quite the contrary “, Indicates Olivier Klein, who ensures that the Covid-19 has been an accelerator to convert the bank to the model of the agency by appointment. ” We did in six months what would have taken, in normal times, two to three years “.

Networks under pressure

The initiative reflects the transformation underway in retail banking in France, whose profitability remains under pressure, while the digitization of services is increasing. The reduction in the number of branches is one of the solutions implemented, as evidenced by the planned merger between the networks of Société Générale and Crédit du Nord.

Among mutualists, it is nevertheless assured that there are no plans at this stage to reduce the size of the branch networks. At BRED, the conversion to the 100% rendezvous model will have no impact on the number of sites and their locations, guarantees management.

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