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Bangladesh’s Maulana issues fatwa against Facebook’s ‘Haha’ emoji

Bangladesh’s leading Muslim cleric, who has a large number of online followers, has criticized Facebook for mocking people. "haha" A fatwa has been issued against the use of emoji. Maulana Ahmadullah has more than 3 million followers on Facebook and YouTube. He regularly appears on television shows to discuss religious issues in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

On Saturday, Ahmadullah posted a three-minute video in which he discussed mocking people on Facebook and issued a fatwa, stating that it was for Muslims. "completely haraam " is. Ahmadullah said in the video, "Nowadays we use Facebook’s haha ​​emoji to make fun of people" "If we use the haha ​​emoji to respond purely with a joke and the same intention of the person who posted the content, then that’s okay. "

Making such jokes is haram in Islam
Ahmedullah said, "But if your reaction was to mock or ridicule the people who posted or commented on social media, then it is completely haram in Islam."

said the maulan "For the sake of Allah I request you to refrain from this act. Don’t use ‘Haha’  Imjo to make fun of someone. If you hurt a Muslim, he may respond with bad language which will be unexpected."

Users protested against fatwa with Haha Haha emoji
Thousands of followers of Ahmadullah reacted to this video. Most of these responded positively, although hundreds of users protested the fatwa using the haha ​​emoji. Ahmadullah is very active on the internet and his 
every video gets millions of views. 

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