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Bangladesh Factory Fire: A massive fire in a factory in Bangladesh, 52 killed and at least 50 injured

A fire broke out at a factory on the outskirts of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, killing 52 people and injuring over 50. This information was given in a news on Friday. According to fire officials, a fire broke out at Shejan Juice Factory in Narayanganj’s Roopganj at around 5 pm on Thursday. It is feared that the fire started from the ground floor of the building and spread rapidly due to the presence of chemicals and plastic bottles.

According to the news of ‘Dhaka Tribune’, 52 people died in this accident and more than 50 people were burnt. Many workers jumped from the building to escape the horrific fire.

According to the news, 18 fire tenders are engaged to douse the fire in the factory building of Hashem Foods Limited. According to this, people have gathered in front of the building in search of their loved ones who are still missing. The identity of 44 workers among the missing has been confirmed.

The rescued workers and their relatives alleged that the only exit gate of the factory was closed when the fire broke out. He also claimed that there were no proper fire protection measures in the building.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al Arefin, deputy director of the Narayanganj District Fire Service, said it would take some time to bring the fire under control. He said, “Till the time the fire is not brought under control, it is not possible to say how much damage has been done in this accident and what is the cause of the fire.” Committee has been constituted.

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