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Bangladesh: After attack on Durga Pandals, now ISKCON temple vandalized

In Bangladesh, where the news of the attack on Durga Pandals was seen on Wednesday, now the news of the attack on the ISKCON temple is coming to the fore. According to the information received, the mob attacked the ISKCON temple in Noakhali on the previous day and vandalized it fiercely. The attackers did not stop here, but they also set fire to the premises.

At the same time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned about these incidents that the attackers involved in Hindu temples and Durga pandals will not be spared.

ISKCON pleads for protection of Hindus

Let me tell you, ISKCON has shared the pictures of the incident by tweeting. ISKCON said that, “The violent mob attacked the devotees as well as caused a lot of damage to the temple. Apart from this, many devotees have also been seriously injured in the attack.” ISKCON wrote at the end of its tweet, “Our request to the government is to ensure the safety of Hindus as well as action should be taken against the culprits.”

Let us tell, Sheikh Hasina virtually joined the Dhakeshwari National Temple on the occasion of Durga Puja and asked the Hindu community not to consider themselves a minority. He said that, “You are a citizen of this country, you will have equal rights. You people will celebrate festivals by following religion with equal rights. I urge all of you not to consider yourself as a minority.”

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