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“Band of teens”, the new comic strip label from Bayard and Milan

We no longer present “BD Kids”. Launched in 2011, the collection of comic strips published by Milan and Bayard (publisher of The cross) has delighted readers aged 6 to 12 (and sometimes their parents as well), by taking up, in a format easy to handle by children, the flagship series of in-house magazines, Ariol, Anatole LatuileWhere The Cantoche.

To prolong this success, a new label has just been created which aims to appeal to college and young high school students. “Band of Teens”, that’s its name, seeks to satisfy the curiosity and stimulate the imagination of a demanding readership, which is also very much in demand by the screens and rather focused on manga.

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With a biting irony, Nicole Augereau, Grégory Jarry and Lucie Castel, the trio of French authors who had signed a funny and surprising fresco on a couple of Italian Egyptologists of the XIXand century, Travels in Egypt and Nubia by Giambattista Belzoni (three volumes at FLBLB),delivered The Bourrinologistsan album documented but crazy about the “the most beautiful destructions of life”, from fake organic tomatoes to the seventh continent of plastic. It’s vengeful, deliberately nag but we would like to see some solutions sketched out.

School bullying and imaginary worlds

In a more sensitive register, two Italian authors, Andrea Fontana and Claudia Petrazzi, sign Clara and the shadows, a well-crafted graphic novel about the sorrows and fears of college students who were victims of school bullying in a small town in Vermont, at the end of the 1980s. Clara and her friends confront monsters, fantastic incarnations of their existential anxieties. Inspired by American alternative comics, the graphic touch is intriguing, even if the whole looks a little too much towards Stranger Thingsthe Netflix series that cultivates nostalgia for the 1980s.

The most convincing work of the new collection, The city of secrets, by the American Victoria Ying, is a thrilling adventure in an imaginary world worthy of Jules Verne, whose sets are so many extraordinary machines. Holder of a secret entrusted by his father, an 11-year-old orphan fights, with a young girl with a strong character, against a guild of assassins in the pay of an enemy country. Devilishly “Disney-like”, the drawing is sometimes sketchy but the line is nervous and the framing dynamic.


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