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Ban removed from Tiktok in this country, this assurance from China

Pakistan TikTok: The Media Regulatory Authority of Pakistan on Friday again lifted the ban on Tiktok. This time it has lifted the ban after four months. The ban has been lifted after China’s popular video-sharing service gave assurances that it would control the transmission of pornographic material. This is the fourth time in the last 15 months that the Telecommunication Authority of Pakistan has banned and removed Tiktok. Pakistan first banned TikTok, popular among teenagers and youth, in October 2020. It had said that it had received several complaints about the content on the app allegedly being found to be “immoral, obscene and indecent”.

Tiktok gave this assurance to Pakistan

The regulatory agency said in a statement on Twitter that TikTok has assured Pakistan that it will block users who upload “illegal content”. This app of China’s ByteDance company has been downloaded about 39 million times in Pakistan. Over the years, Pakistan has sent hundreds of complaints to Facebook and Twitter about their content. He alleged that the said material was offensive and potentially derogatory to Islam and against Pakistani law.

Tiktok is banned in India

Let us tell you that Tiktok has been banned in India. Let us tell you that the users of Tiktok make short videos on this app and upload it. Tiktok provides thousands of songs and dialogues to its users for videos.

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